anne (eye_v) wrote,

my "new" camera.

i've had this camera
for a little over a year and was too intimidated by it to use it.
bro lee & his gf andrea got it for me for xmas in 2005.

not so scary looking, eh?

the first picture on the roll. she's in fi-ah! ha.

he's taken by surprise!

ricky & veronica creating action for me.

kitty jake.

kitty lily.

kitty bubba.

my handsome brother lee.

hidden under flashes, mirrors, and bubbles.

in our backyard pond.

my favorite! the only one i would show someone if trying to impress them. ;)

now that i'm not scared of it, maybe i can use my other camera,
which they got me for the same christmas. gah!
this one has no viewfinder or flash, in true lomography fashion.
if anything quality comes of that, i'll be sure to share :)

p.s. not asking for opinions on the professional quality
of my photography as it appears here. these are for fun!

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