anne (eye_v) wrote,

sorta wish i had a tin roof

when i open my window most nights, i'm consistently holding a hope that i'll wake up at 3am to the sound of rainfall on my roof, and into the pond, with cats crawling over and around my legs in bed to jump on the windowsill and listen, and enjoy it themselves. i'm lucky these past 2 days. i'm very happy about it.

i think it's great that a place like is around to make people feel good about themselves with shit that doesn't matter one bit in walking, breathing life. like finding the best photo of yourself to embody who you are in a bunch of pixels and a smirk. it's places like this that will put coffee shops out of business, eventually, although the real reason why is because why drive an hour to your favorite people watching station when you can do it right from your own comfy computer? i don't think it's right, but i try to keep a good balance of not caring that gas is expensive and not giving a shit about the economics of that situation, and on the other hand, giving in to my nerd instincts.

i would be outside right now if i didn't mind being wet, tired, cold, but happy all alone. i shouldn't mind, but if someone was with me and willing i'd go out there naked and just share body heat. i feel like bundling up is only cheating myself out of the joy of rain, and in the time it takes to get ready to go outside, the rain seems to dwindle. i think it's offended. haha. i think my favorite part at night is to just listen and let my ears catch the sound from as far away as it can of raindrops hitting wood, concrete, leaves, and watering cans. if only i could fold my laptop closed and not have the sound of my fingers against the keys and soft murmur of the harddrive as extra ambience. too bad rain makes me want to write. "write?" you say, imagining me typing at my laptop when i should revert to some natural paper & penmanship. that would mean turning on a light when all i really want is for it to be dark, quiet, and simple. naturally i complicate simple things. we all do.

thunder! :) edit 4:15am: just came back to report a big beautiful crash that made it rain harder. now i just need to find someone to love to make love with in one of these moments and i'd be dripping with wet joy. that's good, by the way. haha. :)

i bet you like the way i made this entry look important by bordering it in artsy photos, right? fooled you ;)

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