anne (eye_v) wrote,

my "new" camera.

i've had this camera
for a little over a year and was too intimidated by it to use it.
bro lee & his gf andrea got it for me for xmas in 2005.

not so scary looking, eh?

the first picture on the roll. she's in fi-ah! ha.

he's taken by surprise!

ricky & veronica creating action for me.

kitty jake.

kitty lily.

kitty bubba.

my handsome brother lee.

hidden under flashes, mirrors, and bubbles.

in our backyard pond.

my favorite! the only one i would show someone if trying to impress them. ;)

now that i'm not scared of it, maybe i can use my other camera,
which they got me for the same christmas. gah!
this one has no viewfinder or flash, in true lomography fashion.
if anything quality comes of that, i'll be sure to share :)

p.s. not asking for opinions on the professional quality
of my photography as it appears here. these are for fun!

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So glad you busted this sucker out!
Emailing you!!!!
i've been looking at lomography cams
on eBay since seeing them on Urban Outfitters
website. hahaha.

these are INCREDIBLE. so, i was wondering too,
how they work. do you ask your subjects to move
or anything? i'd assume the kitties & such are
just naturally taken.

but like the flowers... do you move the camera
a bit.. a slight adjustment for a new pic? is
there a lag in the shutter? enough time to
do a new shot.

damn i love this! all of them are amazingggg.

Kitty Lilly set is downright ethereal :)


i love the unpredictability of these cams.
it seems right you'd have these. bust out the
other one too please! XOX

so the crazy thing about this camera is that it takes 4 pictures within 1 second! some of the pictures i hoped to capture more movement, but i think the second is shorter than i think it is. haha. you just press the shutter ones and it goes cl-cl-cl-click! like super fast.

so yes, ideally the object should continue to move. as quickly as possible. most of the pictures i took i would either move the camera towards or away from the subject, but they come out best if you're within a few feet. i had some at the beach at night that i took that didn't come out. there's one hilarious one my brother took of me shaking my head really fast and opening my mouth. not worth sharing because i look hideous but i know how fast i was moving my head back and forth and each picture is clear. it's neat!

if you wanna see a few more of the pics, lemme know! i'll scan some more in. there's actually one that i took with you in mind!!! it's sea foam. but the picture is super dark. i have to scan it for you and adjust the brightness a bit. it's actually neat.

the flower one i just spun the camera as i pressed the shutter.

speaking of the unpredictability of THIS camera, i can't wait to use the one that has no viewfinder! gah! haha. but i'm stoked on it!

aaaand, i'm babbling. i hope i answered al your questions! hehe.
AWEE some... and uhh YES i wanna see the seafoam ones
.. ohmy, i bet they're mad awesome :)

ok - thanks for answering the questions. in fact i followed
your link & saw the price for these is about $15 cheaper than
what they're doing over at UrbanOutfitters. maybe for my bday
or something, as i'm terribly poor. it's nice that it uses 35 mm
film (right?) it's cheap..easy to buy & gets ya developing send offs
again.. doesnt that feel almost archaic inthis digital age?


hahaha i bet the oneof you is hilarious. annnnddd umm, yeh
no viewfinder! haha, love it. i hope you post those too soon!

this is so neat!
BY THE WAY: i fucking loooove
the koi fish group too.

agggggggh- that is not only an awesome
set but awesome that it's in your backyard.
but my backyard is not nearly as awesome as your backyard!!! gahhh i will forever die over your lake.

it totally takes normal 35mm film which i didn't even realize till i pulled it back out for the first time in a long time to use it for the first time. i was sooo scared of it, now i'm like, all about it. maybe too much. i may never use another camera again! hahah ya right. and you said something about film being archaic... i feel like there are a lot of things considered that that i can't stop loving.. like cds! i feel so bad getting a burned copy of cds or even mp3s because i want the item in my hand, and the booklet to flip through, and the disc to take in and out of my car with the artwork on it. i dunno... loading film & having it developed has the same feeling for me. i guess i have expensive & old fashioned taste, not usually a combination of traits you find together. hahaha.

i'll scan a few others taken with it soon and get back to ya. especially the sea foam :)
i agree. old skool is more fun.
it feels like i nevvvver send off pics
anymore. i use the rare & very random
disposable camera.. which i actually love
the quality.. it's no digital pic but they
are sweet in their own way.

i def. believe in the lost arts. such as
hand writing letters in the age of the email.
they are SOO special :)

so - yeh, agreed. you are so RIGHT on about
the cd's... the booklets & album art is like
a HUGE part of the joy.

haha some people on naature have cams like that too... :)

I have been meaning to message you on myspace or something to see how things have been going...

when did you take that pic of Lee???
things have been not so good in the department i think you are referring to. basically i'm sorta kinda giving up :P more details to come soon.

i took the pic of lee within the past week. how come? does it look old?
awww :( well, yes, we will have to discuss that further...

and about Lee, yeah, in a way it does look old... but I guess it's cause he's losing weight again or something... he looks SO thin!
I love those pictures!
one more time: i love those goddamn koi!!!
i swear, i get all funny feely when i look at those
pics. well done! show those off to someone pleeease!
i love this camera. well the lomography cameras - period but wow! this is inspiring to do some scanning myself!i am in love with the bubble flash one. in love love love!
Hey... I'm the one who posted about the 1988 Exhibit? You look like an interesting addition; if you'd rather not LMK and I'll undo it.
heey its me jen! this is my new journal, add me please! xoxo