anne (eye_v) wrote,

costa near his coast

30 mar 2006
matt costa
@ glasshouse records
pomona, ca

accidentally the color of everything in my purse... yea i know.

the view from the front of the line during soundcheck

and about an hour later....

happy son of a mitch. (yes, mitch, the guitarist)

setlist spying #2 (july 2005 flashback!)

hands really get me...

good ole harmy

yes, there are in fact other members. ted & adam, peekin' & rockin'.

the new bassist is a cutie. harris has my heart in his smile.

notice the overfill outside! i won the "where's joalena?" game through there, who ran a bit late.

and afterwards there was a signing...

hugs and hellos

and greetings for far away worms. "hi ashley!" written by me. his additions below. :)


p.s. shout out to venus, who went out of her way to try and get me into the long beach instore performance. THANK YOU.

p.p.s. northern california photographs to come very soon. lots i'm proud of.
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