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24 feb 2006
jonah matranga (formally onelinedrawing)
@ chain reaction in anaheim

before i attended this show with nicole (jimmyeatworld79), i had ignored any and all signs that jonah/onelinedrawing would become one of my favorite artists ever. back in june last year when ashley & i saw matt play at chain? he was headlining that show! and we left before his set. if only to make myself feel better, i don't think being introduced to him then would have been the same. nicole's fandom sort of extended to me this time and the entire room just felt like they were sharing hearts. it was a gorgeous show.

he used to bring a lil r2d2 on stage with him, and a fan had given him this

had a band for a few songs, including a cover of kelly clarkson's 'since you've been gone'

and then he invited everyone outside after the venue's curfew for another half an hour... where i unintentionally, but gladly, ended up in front of him.

and nicole decided that since we were already this close, may as well take advantage of the opportunity. at this point i was still here mostly to support her love for this being and did fully by photographing two people who are now holding huge chunks of my hearts in their hands!

loved that, but asked for "uno mas!" (one more), and look at the sweet smiles on these two.

a little over a month later, i have listened to the burned copies of his music from nicole more times than i can count, and not much else has been coming through my speakers. i'm sure that will eventually change... but my respect and admiration for this artist, who really seems to give a shit about his fans after a long career, will hold strong.

thanks to nicole & jonah for such a positive addition to my life!

visit his website...!

15 mar 2006
nicole's grandmother's empty house
in la verne

a few months ago, after nicole's grandma passed away, she asked me if i'd want to help her preserve the memory of this house that she basically grew up in. i couldn't have been happier to do this for her. little did i know how much i would love the experience... not only was it a comfortable house, but it also didn't feel empty at all. i'm not much of a big believer in ghosts or spirits or anything, but it definitely felt alive. i wanted to share some of it with you. her daughter arianna, whom you might remember me photographing in january, was also with us.

one of the rooms i started snapping away in was the girl's guest room. there was a boys as well. a porcelain figure on the sidetable in the pink room entranced me.

the lacey-edged bedding

was loved by all

the light outside seemed to shine in at such a perfect hue next to the wall decor when we walked into one of the other rooms.


there was different wallpaper in just about every room. this is the kitchen's.

her grandfather was the captain of a ship to which they had the figurehead.

nicole & i in the front room with just a few of the many frame pictures around the house.

and we plan to go back for more...

22 mar 2006
small stay for the strokes
las vegas

i left the night of the 21st on a mini roadtrip to ashley's (daisy_princess as i'm sure you all know ;)) place in las vegas for a day. the strokes were playing a small venue at the hard rock hotel called the joint, which we attended after meeting fabrizio moretti, drew's boyfriend, for the 2nd time. a few pictures we captured before the show:

this eyeliner does wonders for me, and i only wear it once every 6 months!

the neat windows in ashley's living room served as a great backdrop. i'm not a big sun-in-the-face lover, but our [almost] silhouettes make me happy.

27 mar 2006
a visit with friends
@ my house

i've been hanging out with nicole & monica (minimalistcrash) a lot lately, and i have nothing short of a great time every time i'm with either/both of them, whether we're vegging by the television or partying hardy! i'm a lucky girl. yesterday was just a relaxing day hanging around my (under construction) house with those two and her daughter (yes, again! i love this girl).

she could NOT stop laughing every time the e.t. would get to the one of his 10 or so phrases where he burps!

i had no idea how many toys or toy-like objects i had in my room until she started to want me to pull them all down! :)

my e.t. figure has been wearing a cape since my mother rediscovered the piece of my little brother's robin costume (matching me as catwoman and older brother as batman) from the early 90s. it fits him perfectly. for a second arianna wore it and this is all i could capture before she changed her mind.

then this rare & endangered species of girl found something that kept her attention and attacked! we were all tired, but especially monica, who'd just got home from work after a weekend of hardcore las vegas late-night rocking out and hilarity. stories were prevalent.

everytime arianna visits she seems to want to play the piano, and the guitar although i have no pictures of that!

often times while screaming "the dinosaurs are coming!!!" she presses on the lower octave keys over and over. much enjoyment ensues.

nicole playing with her, as we all winded down

and then i winded back so i could get my butt to work!

hopefully more of this entry stuff soon. i've been really happy lately.

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