anne (eye_v) wrote,

days off... :( or :) ?

since it's hard for me to enjoy days off, this weekend during my 3rd consecutive day off (yesterday), i spent a couple of hours creating reminders of the fun i have (that i shouldn't feel guilty about).

joalena's birthday
a very good day

monica & eder
rescue anne from herself

most pictures courtesy of random albums,, & google images. oh the internet and its endless resources. where oh where is my sanity?

and yet i'm still worried i didn't do enough.

work in 8 minutes. so tempted to not post this.
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Love these colorful little collages
of yours. The drink in the top looks
yummy! [coffee, hot chocolate?] & I
very much want to see 'WTL'. I bet it
was brilliant!

Thanks for sharing, Anne! :)
chai latte :)
lemon drops are YUMMY!!
try raspberry lemon drops. sooooo good :D
the buca di beppo lemon drop has raspberries at the bottom! but the cheesecake factory one didn't although i could have sworn the ingredients said it did. regardless, i liked the buca one better :)
LOL.. wheat thins!!
how was walk the line?? i really want to see that! along with shopgirl, which i heard was pulled out of theaters so i have to wait until dvd i guess!!
walk the line was great!! shopgirl is too :)
You are adorable.
That is all.
woah, your friends really know how
to rescue! bless your beautiful mind for
the breathtaking representation of your
time together. that'd be a neat way to
fill an entire journal. pictures replacing
words to paint memories.

and you presented jo w/ piece by piece for
her birthday? good golly miss molly! bet she
was pleased! i love what i spy on your monitor.
how trippy to see something like that existing
across the world somehow. well, not the world,
but... the miles. which i wish there was none
of between us.

i'd love to snatch you up on one of
your day offs! i bet we'd make a
neat square's worth together! xo!

i'd love for you to snatch me up on a day off too! girls can dream, can't they? :)

and i love what you spy on "my screen", too. it's a fakie picture of a computer that looked like the one joalena was using in my car the night of her bday... more about that soon ;)
you punkass!
now that you've revealed
the true awesomeness
of your graphic skills,
you know i'll be
expecting more,
like all the time, right?!

i know the main reason
you don't do stuff like
this more often is b/c
it takes a zillion years.
but wow, the payoff!!
these are fucking gorgeous anne.

shit shit shit i love
everything about these
so damn much.
did you add the caramello
to the coffee cup???

oh + am i being
or is my big face
on the computer screen?

(so glad you didn't
hit the delete button!!!)

that is your bigeautiful face is on the screen! i put it there because you were SO much a part of that moment.

i did add the caramello - we had a chai latte with one at the 101. :) such a good combo. wish you were there.

the reason why i don't do graphic stuff anymore is because i'm intimidated by you & missy... hehe. i don't even like this much, except little sneaky things i added that remind me very much of the type of photoshopping we did on our "project"... speaking of... fuck! how can that be sitting around gathering dust? blaahghghgh.

you're nuts!!
your graphics could kick
my graphics all around town!

you really should like this,
it's stunning! i keep
coming back to sneak a peek.

speaking of our dusty project ...
i was just reminded of
another one of those we have
on the backburner.
i'll be writing you about it.
you know where to look!
i really would like to
get "t d" back in action though!
(no, not tom dumont!)

i like that i took that picture of your tattoo in your icon :) every once in a while, a fluke of a good photo is flickered into life by my fingers. i like when it happens. fluke is flickered by fingers. alliteration makes me head spin happy.